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World Alzheimer’s Day: How MindMate Can Help

The impact of Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) is felt in every country across the globe. However, as many as 2 out of 3 people believe that there is little or no awareness surrounding the disease in their countries; this can make finding support for loved ones living with AD far more difficult than it should be. Thankfully, technology has enabled us to remain more connected than ever with greater ability to access resources. MindMate is proud to count itself among these much-needed resources and has helped over a million users worldwide manage the condition.

World Alzheimer’s Day takes place on 21 September every year. World Alzheimer’s Month also lasts for the month of September, which allows Alzheimer’s organisations to run events and raise awareness. This culminates on the 21st of the month, with medical professionals, activists and people living with dementia uniting to make their respective governments aware that dementia is still at the forefront of public health issues and needs more attention.  So, how can MindMate help those living with dementia and other neurodegenerative diseases?  As there is no cure for Alzheimer’s currently, MindMate strives to improve and slow the symptoms of dementia. The app provides multipart lifestyle intervention, in other words, it targets many different elements of one’s lifestyle in order to improve both mental and physical health. The app’s interface is user friendly, with clearly defined sections with Games, Workouts, Recipes, TV & Music, Reminders and more. The Games section is arguably the most helpful from a cognitive perspective, as it includes a selection of specially curated games which target different thinking skills, such as short term memory, reasoning and judgement. The games become more challenging as you progress through the levels, and when used over a prolonged period, users reported that their short term memory recall had improved.  A variety of healthy and easy-to-follow recipes are updated regularly, as are the workouts. Studies have shown that following a low carb, mediterranean style diet can help significantly in easing the effects of Alzheimer’s. Paired with regular muscle strengthening and aerobic exercises, many people living with dementia can improve their quality of life. Also built in to the app are options for “daily workout” and “daily recipe” so the user can begin a routine.  Reminiscence is an important factor in the treatment and wellbeing of someone with Alzheimer’s, simple things like songs from their youth and photos of their life can help root them in reality and avoid distress. In the TV and Music section, classics through the years from every genre can be accessed at any time. For those living independently, the Reminders section enables users to set medication reminders and make notes to organise their day.  There is still a long way to go in finding a cure for Alzheimer’s Disease, but by raising awareness of the disease for World Alzheimer’s Month, you can make a substantial contribution towards progressing support services and even policy in your area. MindMate is just one of many resources trying to make life better for those living with dementia and other neurodegenerative conditions, but with your help we can raise the profile of Alzheimer’s Disease across the board. 


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