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MindMate is loved by many!

With more than 3,000 five star reviews in the App Store, MindMate has become world’s highest-rated software for baby boomers, seniors, and people living with memory problems, such as Alzheimer’s and Dementia. We traveled around the globe to meet some of our users to hear first hand how MindMate has changed their lives. 

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What others are saying

Linda Kreter

Linda is the former CEO & Founder of Pharmaceutical Research Plus, Inc, is the current CEO and Founder of WiseHealth and created VeteranCaregiver for military peer support.

​"If you care for a person living with Dementia, MindMate can open doors to better communication and meaningful engagement for both the carer and the person living with memory problems."

Thomas Whitelaw

Tommy had a successful career in the music business, until his mother developed vascular dementia and he became a full-time carer for her.

"MindMate would have helped me a lot with caring for my mum. It can do so many wonderful things. It has all these great tools to improve the relationship between the person living with dementia and me as a carer. What a fantastic product!"

Connie Hudson

Connie is leading the Kanawha Valley Senior Services, where she uses MindMate with residents and guests.

"MindMate helps me to deliver real person-centred care. It has such great features and makes my life as a carer even more rewarding! I have reviewed plenty of apps out there but MindMate is by far the most useful!"

Terry Morgan

Terry is using MindMate for his self-management

after he survived a traumatic brain injury. 

"MindMate helps me to handle my life much better. It has all these great tools to make me more independent! MindMate is my new go-to tool."

Meet our MindMate Advocates

Our community advocates have provided us with feedback and advice that have shaped MindMate to the wonderful tool it is today. They have been our first users and first supporters. 



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