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  • Zuzia Boguslawska

Why you should try staying socially active?

Experts agree that maintaining social activity can help with keeping the mind sharp as we age. People who engage in personally meaningful activities have sense of purpose and better overall mood, whereas those experiencing loneliness are at risk for psychological dysfunction.

According to The Global Council on Brain Health (GCBH), the evidence suggests a positive impact of social engagement on brain health including benefits to adults’ thinking and reasoning

abilities. Randomized controlled trials show that socially active people have a lower risk of

cognitive decline later in life. The exact mechanism in which social engagement interacts with

brain functioning is still unclear, but it may play a role in the stress reduction pathway.

“Even before COVID, there was ample evidence that loneliness and isolation had major, negative health effects, especially for older people. Now, more than ever, it's important to reach out and counteract those feelings”, says psychotherapist Dana Dorfman, Ph.D., MSW.

  • Participate in clubs or volunteering services. You may try to connect with people of different ages and find your sense of belonging by sharing your skills and knowledge with younger people.

  • Try to stay connected with your friends, family, or neighbors. You can do that by scheduling regular visits, making a phone call, and inviting them for a cup of tea.

  • If you don't have anyone close around you, reach out to professionals. Try listening services, helplines, or your GP.

  • Animals can be a great company too. They help to reduce anxiety and stress, but also bring structure to your daily routine. Walking your dog might be a catalyst for social interaction with other dog owners.

Being happier and less stressed as well as learning better are the advantages that might help you with staying motivated to engage in social activities. Done with reading this blog? Use the momentum and give someone from your contacts a call!

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