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"Who are you?" - Poem

by Gabriela Matic

Ihate when they say: „It’s just how it is. “

I hate when they assume: “Ignorance is bliss.”

“She doesn’t remember anyway, just let her be.”

Doing that just wouldn’t be me.

The “me” you helped me to be.

The “me” that still cares.

An amazing woman is what I can see.

The decision is not theirs.

You ask: “Who are you?” It’s shocking but true. I remember everything, you don’t have a clue. I enjoy getting to know you again and again. You tell me all the travel stories, and everything about the men. You might not remember being my gran,  but you’re still a friend. That’s what you also were before it all began. You ask: “Who are you?” I smile and I say: “I’m your old friend May. I’ve just been away.”

Inspired by a very good friend. Stay strong! Never stop caring!

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