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What Can Be Done to Help with Loneliness? - Video Blog Post with Tommy Whitelaw

One of ourprevious blog postsalready touched on the subject of loneliness. Back then, we focused on the issue of people with dementia and elderly people being lonely. It is no surprise that loneliness is an equally big problem for caregivers. We asked Tommy about why this topic is so important and what can be done to help with loneliness.

“We have to open up the conversation.” “I was dreadfully lonely caring for my Mum.” “Everything we can do to allow people to still be and support them to be part of the community, or bring the community in their homes, is the way to do this.” “Conversations are very important and we can have them in many different ways.”

​Thank you, Tommy, for this great video! One of MindMate’s goals and visions really is to keep people in the community. We want them to feel that they belong. If you have any further suggestions for dealing with loneliness or just want to have a chat, feel free to comment below!  


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