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Treatments For Dementia

Unfortunately, dementia is an ever too present reality impacting people around the world. The ultimate hope is to find a cure for the condition, and scientists globally are working around the clock to find a way to do just this. But in the meantime, doctors prescribe both drug and non-drug treatments to alleviate the symptoms of the condition.


Cholinesterase inhibitors- these can be prescribed to help with memory and judgement problems caused by dementia. These medications work to reduce the rate of breakdown of a brain chemical associated with memory and judgement.

Memantine- this medication is commonly prescribed for moderate to severe dementia, and helps to control a brain chemical associated with learning and memory.

Antidepressants- unfortunately, depression is commonly experienced by those with dementia so antidepressants are prescribed to help with mood and irritability.

Non-medication treatments

Reminiscence therapy- this involves talking to someone with dementia about their childhood and hobbies. It can be useful to play music from their youth and show photo albums.

Cognitive behavioural therapy- this is commonly used to alleviate depression or anxiety that develops due to dementia.

Talking therapies- this can involve counselling and can support the person to understand their diagnosis, and how they feel about it.

Cognitive stimulation therapy- this can help keep a person's mind active through themed activities/weeks.

MindMate App

The MindMate app stimulates brain activity, offers advice on correct nutrition & physical exerciseand makes it easy to stay connected with your social environment. Furthermore, we provide our users with a wide range of engagement tools, including a jukebox feature and a television section. These tools are designed to engage people living with dementia and equip carers with convenient tools to deliver real person-centered care.

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