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Top 5: Foods to Boost Your Immune System

Your immune system is a crucial part of your body’s daily activities. It is the body’s defense and protection system against bacteria, illness, germs and anything else harmful that could possibly threaten your health and wellbeing.

When your immune system is functioning well, you will be less prone to common colds or allergic symptoms, less frequently ill, you will get a better quality of sleep, have more energy and generally feel like the healthiest version of yourself. Your diet is key to the strength and function of your immune system so let’s take a  look at some of the best foods to be eating for maximum immunity: 1. Yogurt Yogurt is great for the immune system because it is bursting with probiotic bacteria. That’s right, all bacteria is bad for you! Probiotics are helpful bacteria that live within your guy and stimulate and enhance your immune system. Studies have shown, for example, that probiotics may be able to reduce your risk of respiratory infection by over 40%! But if you do get sick, they also work to reduce the severity of the symptoms you experience. 2. Fish Fish provides several health-boosting benefits to the body: Protein for growth and repair, oil for brain health and concentration, and especially iron for the immune system. Iron is super important for maintaining the daily function of the immune system. When your diet is lacking in this important mineral, you’re at risk of anemia which severly weakens the immune system and leaves you exposed to the risk of disease, germs, illness and harmful bacteria. To maximize your intake, eat plenty of fish and other white meats and ensure you eat plenty of vitamin C to help your body absorb all that nutritious iron! 3. Citrus Fruits Citrus fruits are the most abundant source of vitamin C, and as we just learned, vitamin C works hard to help the body absorb essential nutrients like iron. But, not only that, it is also a renowned immune-system builder in its own right. Vitamin C works within the body to fight against infection by strengthening your skin to prevent harmful microbes breaching your body’s natural defenses. If that wasn’t enough it is also noted for its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties which make it a powerful and essential part of any healthy diet. 4. Garlic Not just good for fighting off vampires, garlic is also great for warding off infections and germs. Jam-packed with natural antiviral and antibacterial capabilities, Garlic is commonly eaten at the first sign of ill health to prevent the development of the symptoms. If you want to avoid ‘garlic breath’, it can even be chopped into pieces and swallowed like a pill to fight illness! 5. Chicken Broth A dish many of us may remember from our childhood, chicken broth or (‘bone broth’) has long been known and used as a remedy when illness or infection strikes. The reason it’s such an effective immunity builder and cure lies in the minerals in the bones that we wouldn’t usually consume. The bone marrow is said to strengthen the immune system, to the point that a Harvard study even found that ‘bone broth’ relieved symptoms in participants with auto-immune disorders. As well as that, chicken broth is also great for your bones, your joints and even your memory. It turns out Grandma was right!


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