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Tommy Whitelaw about MindMate

We are very excited to announce the first video in our video blog series with Tommy Whitelaw!

With Tommy as our community advisor we have been able to get the most valuable insight about the life as a caregiver. One of our founders, Roger, can clearly relate and we are ​honoured to be part of Tommy's journey to raise awareness!

In our first video we asked Tommy: How could MindMate have helped you and your mum?

„MindMate would have helped me to keep in touch with other family members. It would have helped me to help other people understand more about us and about my mum.”  “It would have really helped to collect the story of my mum’s life.” "It would have helped my mum. It would have helped us both. And then towards the later times it would have helped me help my mum."

We are very grateful that Tommy agreed to share this with all of us and you. We will be posting more videos soon! 


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