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Tommy & The ALLIANCE - Video Blog Post with Tommy Whitelaw

We met Tommy about a year ago and we are happy and grateful to be able to work so close together with him. In our last interview, we asked him about how he came to work with the ALLIANCE. Irene Oldfather was the one that introduced us to Tommy and we have since then been members and big fans of the ALLIANCE. Watch Tommy's video and find out how everything came together: 

"Irene and I met five years ago in April."

"June the 6th will be the 5th anniversary of when I walked around Scottish towns and cities. "

"My life kept changing very quickly."

"After my Mum passed away we sat together, Irene, Ian and myself; and dementia carer voices was formed."

"I felt like it was a place where you can speak honestly and openly!"

"The ALLIANCE was the best place where I could go and still have the opportunity to be Thomas Whitelaw." 

They do keep it true to the values of people.  If you don't know the ALLIANCE, be sure to have a look at their webpage & the Dementia Carer Voices page

What are the primary objectives of the ALLIANCE?

  • Ensure people are at the centre, that their voices, expertise and rights drive policy and sit at the heart of design, delivery and improvement of support and services.

  • Support transformational change, towards approaches that work with individual and community assets, helping people to stay well, supporting human rights, self management, co-production and independent living.

  • Champion and support the third sector as a vital strategic and delivery partner and foster better cross-sector understanding and partnership.

What are the "Dementia Carer Voices"?

​Dementia Carer Voices is a Scottish Government funded project to 2016 to engage with Health and Social Care professionals and students to promote a fuller understanding of the carer journey, provide a platform where carers can express their views and experiences of caring for a loved one with dementia and to ​harness the awareness raising activity undertaken by Tommy Whitelaw.


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