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Tommy's Favourite Picture - Video Blog Post with Tommy Whitelaw

In our last video blog interview, we asked Tommy about his favourite picture. Pictures can be a powerful way of triggering memories and bringing back emotions. We expected him to name the well-known picture of him and his Mum Joan first, but his answer was much more interesting than that. Watch the video here and find out about Ffion's story:

"One of the reasons I take so many pictures is to always keep it about people."

"People are incredible and amazing."

"They all stand out. They've all got little stories to tell." 

"Every photo has a story."

​We love how Tommy always documents his talks with a little group picture in the end. Photos can mean a lot, and we would like to find out if there is one specific photo that means a lot to you. Why is it special?

We can't wait to read your comments! 


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