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Products That Make a Difference - the Day Clock

by Ambra Giuliano

Recently, one of our customers, Sharon, contacted us to receive some support. Sharon takes care of her mum, and along with the daily challenges that they both experience together, she told us about the challenges they face at night since it was not infrequent that her mum would wake up at night thinking it was daytime and therefore, wanting to leave the house. It is not only a challenging experience for Sharon but mainly for her mum, as she would end up disoriented and not knowing what time of the day it was. Following our recent partnership with, we suggested Sharon and her mum to visit their website and try some of their assistive technology items, which specifically help patients and caregivers to get along in day-to-day life. She bought one of the clocks (an image of it is below) and here is her recent feedback on it:

​"My mum used to wake up, wanting to go out at night. We have long been looking for something simple for her to read that could help with her disorientation, but nothing seemed to be effective or specific for people with dementia. This was until MindMate advised me on the products offered. My first purchase was the Day Clock; the simple display of the clock has resolved the problem of my mum’s disorientation, as she now knows the time and day and it is so simple to read. One of the users, who had tried it before, suggested putting it at the front door so her mum would not go out at night, and it’s surprising how effective it can be. It’s such a great re-assurance for both mum and myself! I will try some more of their products to assist my mum with her memory loss, and to help her reduce anxiety and maintain independence. Thank you all for your support!"



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