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Music & Dementia - Video Blog with Tommy Whitelaw

The Music section in MindMate is one of the most popular areas of our app. Two of our previous blog posts (1 & 2) have been about this topic and we are happy that Tommy spoke to us about it in the video blog series. Watch the video to see why he thinks that music has an incredible part to play in dementia. 

“When my mum was struggling a little bit with speech and conversations, I would sing to my mum. “ “The little things are the big things, really.“ “You could be anywhere and a song can come on on and it reminds you of the summer, a holiday you had, the good times…” “It reminds us, it celebrates us and it brings up stories.”

We don’t have much to add to this, as Tommy absolutely spoke from our hearts as well. Music is truly powerful!  What are your experiences with music and what is your favorite song? We also would love to get feedback for MindMate’s music feature! Let us know what you think in the comment section. 


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