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MindMate & Unforgettable

James Ashwell founded Unforgettable because he believes that products can make a difference. He cared for his Mum with dementia and experienced firsthand how hard it can be to be a caregiver. 

Like the MindMate Team, the great people working at Unforgettable are driven by purpose and the wish to help people that are affected by dementia. Sounds like a great fit, right?

We believe it is! 

We are happy to officially announce our partnership with Unforgettable! Together we will achieve even more than we have so far. 

Unforgettable is a brilliant online shop and information resource which also includes a forum. The shop that will be integrated into the MindMate App has everything that one may need for good prices. James and his team also spend 1.5 years to build the advice section that will give you an answer to every question. 


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