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  • MindMate Team

It's never too late to start with a healthier lifestyle

As long as it is done safely, even people in their 70s and 80 can benefit from a "workout" routine. 

The biggest issue for everyone usually is to start with a fitness program that combines strength, cardio, balance and flexibility at all once.

You don’t need to have a complete workout plan to start with a healthier lifestyle.For many of us, health and well-being are secondary priorities. Reasons for this might be kids, grandkids, spouses or our job. But, being active and fit is important!Research has shown that people that lead a more active life usually live longer, and are more healthy.

Here are some easy tips how to start with a more active routine:

  1. Make yourself a priority. Yes, many people might depend on you, and you have already a lot of going on. But, please think twice here: you need to be in good mental and physical health in order to be helpful also to others.

  2. First, get a pedometer to track your steps. You can get one for $10/£8 already. Your goal should be at least 10,000 steps per day, but please keep in mind that you should work up that number slowly: you don’t have to go from 1,000 to 10,000 in 1 day. Start with setting your goals over a few weeks, depending on your current fitness level.

  3. Try to take the stairs as often as you can, instead of elevator or escalator. Even these simple tricks can help you burn calories and build strength.

  4. If you feel comfortable, you can also start to run slowly with short walking breaks.

  5. Learn how to do squats, push-ups and other strengthening exercises. These are perfect to strengthen your whole body, prevent bone density loss and therefore osteoporosis. Please consult a doctor before starting a new exercise regime!

  6. Schedule yearly health check-ups and consult with your doctor the best program for you.

  7. Change your diet, too! The way to a healthier lifestyle needs to be a combination between exercise AND nutrition!

  8. Sleep more!

Of course change doesn’t happen overnight. Experts say that you should give it three month, until you see something work or change. If you are implementing a more active and healthy lifestyle in your life, you might see a drop in weight, an improved balance and will feel more energised.

Important to note is also that there is not just one way to get fit. If you don’t fancy walking or running, try out zumba, tennis, yoga, dancing or even tai chi. Whatever you do, try to do something every day, even if it’s just going for a long walk.

​Trust us, you will feel better, look better, and your body, mind and spirit will be ready for whatever it’s next. So, what are you waiting for?


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