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"I Really Needed Help." - Video Blog Post with Tommy Whitelaw

Last week we heard about some of the positive takeaways Tommy had while caring for his Mum. This week we wanted to hear about his struggles and problems. A lot of you will definitely relate and we would love to read your comments about what the hardest part for you is or was. Are you asking for help? Watch Tommy tell us about his experiences:

“Loneliness played a big part in it I think.” “I really needed help.” “I felt quite helpless sometimes as a carer.” “We can change loneliness and isolation!”

​We especially liked the end of his answer. It’s quite impressive how Tommy always finds a way to look on the bright side and already starts looking at solutions for the challenges ahead.  Loneliness and isolation seem to be big issues which is why next week’s Video Blog will be all about that.  Have a great week everyone! 


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