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How to improve you brain health naturally

Guest Post by Alma Causey

The human brain is considered the most vital organ of the body, as it is responsible for directing the movements of the entire human body. Even the smallest function like the blinking of an eye originates from the brain. In other words, this particular organ of the human anatomy is the ultimate ruler and decision maker of your body. Therefore, it is highly important to take care of our brain’s health, to make sure it doesn’t deteriorate and stay sharp for a long period of time.   The ability of human beings to recognize things including events, people, sights, sounds, and smell is an integral part of how we process information to use it in our daily lives. We rely entirely on our memory for storing, registering and retrieving new information. Unfortunately, many people, at some point in life, experience a memory loss disorder. For example, Alzheimer’s and dementiaare two such diseases that affect memory and cognition so severely that they impede one’s ability to practice life’s daily routine. However, several effective methods can be used to help prevent and even slow down the process of memory loss. We need to ensure that we are giving due importance to our brain health and taking good care of it through the best possible brain training, exercise, and nutrition. Here are some simple ways to improve your brain health.

Exercise your brain Playing brain sharpening games is one technique that can challenge your brain and help improve cognitive skills and memory function. Not to mention that they are also a lot of fun too! These games are marked as important tools for confirming that our brain is working at its best. For those with Alzheimer’s or dementia, simple daily exercises like cooking, brushing your teeth or combing your hair can also help sharpen the brain. Socialize more The link between your social life and brain health is something that can’t be ignored. In fact, it’s essential for us to stay connected and engaged with people. Since humans are social animals, we need a variety of brain stimulations, including social activity, to keep our minds sharp. This is even more important later in life, when aging takes its toll on memory and other complex neurological processes. It has been observed that older adults who were less socially active had both physical and cognitive challenges. Variety in activities People, in some way or the other, are usually physically active in their daily lives. This is beneficial for your mental health as well. But physical health should not be limited to exercise and gym only. You should consider challenging your body and brain in a variety of ways from time to time. Incorporate new elements. Try new workout routines, do something you haven’t done in a while whether it’s hiking, snorkeling, scuba diving or simply tossing a ball around. This variety is as healthy for your brain as it is your body. Eat brain-healthy food We all know that good and clean food guarantees good health and the same goes for your brain. Topping the list of foods that actually boosts the brain is any food high in Omega 3 fatty acids, which is said to reduce the risk of memory loss diseases like dementia and improved focus and memory. Some fruits and vegetables that can be good for both mind and body are avocados, egg yolks, coconut oil, broccoli, extra virgin olive oil, fish and even dark chocolate. Alternatively you can use natural brain boosting supplements that usually includes all incidents in the right amount and order. Meditate Meditation is an ancient practice has the ability to calm the mind, improve concentration and memory.  There are no prerequisites for practicing meditation; it can be done anywhere and at any preferred time. All you need is to allocate a little time to yourself, where there is silence and peace. The biggest benefit of meditation is that it improves the quality of life by letting your mind analyze everything that goes on in your life. Some research studies also appear to show that an extended practice of meditation can even raise our general intelligence. If you haven’t done this before and would like to try it out, try taking a yoga retreat to an exotic location. Extend your education Did you know spending at least 30 minutes a day with a good book may add years to your life? There is no end to learning. Anything that we learn in life, every book that we read, has something new to offer that was not known to us before. The more equipped you are with knowledge, the better position you are in to tackle the challenges life throws at you. There are loads of benefits associated with reading. It improves your memory, deviates your mind that eventually reduces stress, improves concentration, increases vocabulary, and builds stronger analytical skills. There are many things you can do to make your brain sweat. You can take several courses, learn a second language, and try DIY techniques to learn new skills. Conclusion Keeping our bodies fit is a great thing, but if our minds don’t stay sharp and healthy, how will we enjoy the good life? As we age, we tend to lose interest in life’s mundane activities. This can result in a decline in memory and mental function. The more you keep your brain occupied with new and challenging activities, the more effectively it will slow down memory loss symptoms.

About the Author: 

Alma is a mother, wife and a professional blogger by choice. She has completed her masters in English literature from the University of Groningen. As a blogger she wrote quite a few posts on health, technology as well as management. She loves to discover new places and share experiences in words. Oh, Alma- is incomplete without cats.

Find her on Twitter:@Almacausey


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