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How to find clinical trials near you and how to sign up?

Deciding to take part in a clinical trial is a big step and you should get all essential information beforehand before you sign up. But what happens once you have already read all the necessary insights and want to take the next step? Where to find clinical trials suitable for your health condition and how does the process look? We have provided a breakdown for you on how to take the next steps. 

Where can you find clinical trials near you? 

You can find clinical trials directly via, where they collect all clinical trials in the United States to a variety of different health conditions. You can also follow up on this website how far some trials are along, what their primary goal is, and much more. Another way to find a clinical trial near you without much time investment is by signing up via Mindmate here. We automatically match you with a clinical trial in your area that fits your needs. 

What happens once you have signed up? 

Based on your health condition and the criteria a clinical trial is looking for, it can sometimes take some time until you find the perfect match, but be assured, it is definitely worth waiting. By volunteering to participate, you are making a huge difference for millions of people living with your health condition and, of course, for yourself. 

Once we have found a match for you, you are initially contacted by the doctor or researcher. They will go over the details of the trial with you and explain the purpose of the trial and the treatment being studied. They will also outline the practicalities of what your participation would involve and the risks and benefits of your participation. This presents a great opportunity for you to ask further questions and seek clarification about anything that you may be unsure of.

How do researchers decide whether I am a good fit or not? 

You’ll also undergo a screening process to determine if the trial is right for you and if you meet the eligibility requirements. This will involve a series of questions and perhaps some medical checks, which may be completed through a combination of phone conversations and a visit to your nearest study site. Based on the outcome and on the criteria the clinical trial is looking for, the researcher will confirm if you are eligible to enroll in the study, should you wish. The criteria hereby highly vary from trial to trial and will be explained to you beforehand. 

Please know, that you can always drop out of the process when you feel uncomfortable or cannot take the time to participate. However, you should make a well-thought-through decision beforehand in order to not waste your time and the time of the research organization. Clinical trials are essential to drive medical innovation and rely on volunteers to make a difference. 

Making a difference for medical innovation

Now more than ever, we see how essential clinical research is in order to drive clinical innovation and to save the lives of millions of people. Do you want to be part of medical history and make a difference for your community? Clinical trials need volunteers in order to test new treatments effectively and bring them to the mass market. If you want to learn more about clinical trials, the benefits, and risks and see if this would be something for you, please visit our clinical trial education website here.


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