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How to Be Healthier at Work

Working professionals are among the most inactive in the workforce, and sitting at a desk for 8 hours can often lead to complacency in our eating habits, which exacerbates the problem. However, making small adjustments to our daily lives can go a long way to ensure we live more healthily, within and outwith working hours.

Eat in Moderation As tempting as that box of doughnuts brought in by colleagues can be, it is important to be mindful before consuming them. Many of us snack throughout the afternoon without thought, and this can worsen if we don’t eat a balanced lunch. Lunch on salads and fruits, and avoid unhealthy, greasy food as much as possible. This will ensure your blood sugar remains consistent and provides a slow-burn release of carbohydrates which keeps you fuller for longer, so you won’t feel the need to reach for sugary treats to ease those hunger pangs. You don’t have to avoid junk food altogether, simply limit its consumption. Stay Hydrated Being immersed in work means you can lose track of how much water you’re drinking in a day. However, it's crucial that you drink enough to stay hydrated and active. Dehydration can cause ill effects, such as drowsiness and sluggishness. It is always a good idea for an adult to drink between six and eight glasses of water everyday. Depending on your level of physical activity and the climate in your region, you may need to consume more. Eating fresh, juicy fruits is a great way to beat dehydration and hunger pangs. Restrict Your Caffeine Intake Many office dwellers may find it absolutely impossible to get through their day without consuming caffeinated beverages. This is okay as long as you practice moderation. Try to curb your caffeine consumption to one cup of coffee every morning to prevent a caffeine crash later in the day. Take Frequent Breaks We always want to finish our work so we can get out of the office on time. However, this does not mean that you should sit at your work station for hours at a stretch and not allow yourself a break. You may think that taking a break will waste your time, but taking a break can actually be productive. Not taking a break from work can make you mentally lethargic, and reduce your creativity. Make it a point to get away from your desk every now and again for a few minutes. It’s important to maintain a balanced attitude in and out of work. This continuity helps you harbour good habits at and away from the desk, and will bolster your productivity too. So making sure that you are eating in a balanced way, drinking lots and giving your mind some time to decompress will benefit all areas of your life, both at work and at home.


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