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Home Care for Dementia patients

Patients living with dementia are in need of support and in most cases once the condition is getting worse, home care to help manage the daily life. In order to provide help to somebody living with dementia, it is first essential to understand how the person is perceiving their world, what they like and don’t like, or maybe react stressed too. Making dementia patients part of their daily care and life is a good way to integrate them into the journey and have them express their daily challenges.

Some main tasks of home caretakers for people living with dementia include:

  • Supporting with dressing and grooming

  • Talking to the person

  • Helping with memory loss

  • Managing behavior and sleep challenges

  • Calming the person down

  • Encouraging them to do activities that help with their dementia and are fun.

Routines for dementia patients to keep them calm and comfortable

One way to keep people living with dementia calm and comfortable is by being active, e.g. going for regular walks and communicate actively to avoid wandering off. Besides walking, dementia patients might also like calming music that can reduce restlessness and anxiety and relaxes them, especially at night. It is also essential to establish calm routines in order to reduce confusion and anxiety. This may include:

  • Having familiar objects such as photographs close

  • Keeping lights on at night to give them orientation

  • Working with lists and reminders or directions for daily activities

  • Communicating about recent events and people to keep the mind active

Use Mindmate to help take care of your loved ones

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