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Friday's Five - Anti-Aging for the Brain

Welcome to the second edition of Friday's Five!

It's all about keeping your brain active and healthy. So, before you start into the weekend, read this five tips!

1. Shall we dance?

study in the New England Journal of Medicine shows that seniors who danced at least three times a week had a 75% lower risk of dementia compared with people who did not dance at all. So put on your dancing shoes this weekend and dance away your blues.

2. Play an instrument

Various studies show a connection between playing an instrument and improved memory. If you have always played an instrument that's brilliant, because people who played instruments for more than 10 years experience especially good effects. Don't worry if you don't. Learning to play any instrument later still results in lower likelihood of developing cognitive difficulties, a study suggests.

3. Change the font

Research at Harvard University shows that reading text in less easy to read font can improve your comprehension and memory of the content. Another study also suggests that students who received handouts with less-legible font might perform better on tests.

4. Single-task

Stop multitasking NOW. Research has shown that you need to do one thing at a time if you want to strengthen higher-order reasoning, learning ability and understanding of new information.  Multitasking might even harm your frontal lobe, which regulates things like decision making and problem solving.

5. Play video games

While you are waiting for the MindMate App and its great games, try to keep your brain young and play a little! Yes, playing video games improves problem solving, spatial skills and persistence.

Have a great weekend! :-)

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