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Friday's Five - Anti-Aging for the Brain

Friday’s Five #1

People ask me that a lot at the moment. How do I stay healthy? Do you have any Anti-Aging tips for the brain? The answer is: Yes, I do. There are so many things you can do!  Friday’s five ways to keep your brain young. Of course, there is SO much research about that and you can find tips everywhere, but I want to share my favourite tips with you! Some of them are very simple, and maybe even obvious, but ask yourself: Do you really do all that? Without further ado:

1. Learn foreign languages

Let’s start with a fun one. Everyone loves to learn a foreign language, right? Okay, fair enough, maybe not everyone. But it definitely is a smart thing to do. One of my best friends has spent some time in South America. She’s quite the adventurer and one day decided to explore a small Spanish speaking town on her own (her boyfriend had to work). Of course, she thought of writing down the address of the hotel, so that she could ask people for the way back if she got lost. So she copied what was written on the first sign she saw next to the hotel. The sign said “Una Via”. With better Spanish skills she would have known that “una via” is “one-way street” in Spanish. Don’t worry, she still found her way home, but needless to say that there was more than one “una via” in that town.  If this is not a strong enough argument for you to start learning a new language, how about this study by the University of Edinburgh that shows that bilingualism, even when acquired in adulthood, may benefit the aging brain. ¡Fantástico!

2. Play chess

I know what you’re probably thinking. But no, chess is not only for people above 75. Furthermore, it’s an extremely effective way to train your brain. With chess, you can improve your memory, increase creativity and it helps your dendrites grow. Your den-what? Read this article for more info! I’m sold! Who’s up for a game?

3. Keep an Anti-Stress-Journal

Yes, pick up a pen and write the stress away! Studies show that keeping a journal has immense health benefits, and bottling up your feelings is bad for you.

4. Write by hand

So, while we’re on the subject of journals: write them by hand! And everything else too! Okay, maybe not everything, but as much as possible. Studies suggest that it makes you smarter because the finger movements activate large regions of the brain involved in thinking, memory, and language.

5. Be social

And now, stop reading this blog and plan your social weekend! Go out and see your friends! Research shows that this will not only make you happy but also healthier.

The MindMate-Team wishes you a wonderful weekend! :-)


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