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Four Great Travel Destinations for Older Adults

Your golden years often bring about the perfect time to vacation and discover new places you’ve not visited in person yet, whether near or far. It may feel like more of an effort to get there, or require slightly more planning than with previous vacations, but these destinations offer something for every personality, whether you’re a beach lounger, culture vulture or adventure seeker.

1. Montreal, Canada  If you’re living in North America and looking for a taste of European culture without spending all day on a plane, then Montreal is the ideal destination. Its cobbled streets and quaint cafes look as if they’ve been plucked straight out of a Parisian picture book, and with over 59% of Montreal’s population being bilingual, you can become immersed in the French language without the associated language barrier. The strength of the US dollar against the Canadian dollar will save you cash once you get there too! 2. Tulum, Mexico This Mexican destination is the perfect spot for active seniors. Forget student-ridden spring break destinations such as Cabo and Cancun; Tulum is a haven of tranquility. The seaside spot has swathes of white sand beaches offering activities from diving to sailing and including many water sports in between.  There are also extensive walking and biking trails and multiple yoga and spa retreats. Locals recommend that you stay in the beach side lodges in order to fully appreciate Tulum’s beauty, but if you’re vacationing on a budget, there are many reasonably priced hotels and apartments in town. 3. Valletta, Malta Blending Mediterranean culture with British tradition, it’s no wonder that Valletta is becoming an increasingly popular European destination. The island of Malta lies just south of Sicily, and is completely independent after gaining its sovereignty from the British empire in 1964, and through its history has developed a burgeoning cultural scene. A cheaper alternative to similar Italian destinations, the relatively small city is easily walkable, and along the way you’ll be sure to find fine seafood and art installations on every corner. Valletta also has a rich mix of architecture on show and several new music and street festivals taking place throughout the summer. Furthermore, it has just been voted the European Capital of Culture 2018, so there’s never been a better time to go. 4. Cape Town, South Africa A country as climatically diverse and as large as South Africa of course, is a catch-all destination whatever you enjoy doing. Cape Town acts as a fantastic base, being a coastal city in the south-west of the country, it’s bordered to the south by the temperate Table Mountain National Park. It is equally well-placed for safaris as well, in proximity to the semi-arid Karoo region. If safaris aren’t your thing though, fear not, as you can take a day trip to the Cape Winelands region, where the majority of South Africa’s wine is produced. With the US dollar looking strong against the South African Rand, these premium experiences don’t have to come at a premium prices.


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