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Brain stimulating activities for seniors

Having a loved one that is experiencing cognitive decline or living with early signs of memory loss can be tough. Little facts like remembering names, locations, and events from the past can be very challenging for seniors as they get older. However, there are a few steps that your loved one or yourself can take in order to keep your mind active and improve your cognitive functions. Hereby, it is essential to train cognitive skills such as thinking, speaking, learnings, reading, writing, critical thinking skills, and remembering events and experiences.

Arts and crafts

The positive thing about arts and crafts for seniors is that they are not only training their brain by doing something creative - they are also busy using and coordinating their hands, which is very important as well. Art projects do not have to be difficult or elaborate, but could also be activities such as knitting, needlepoint, woodworking, painting, and much more.

Memory games

Memory games such as the ones on our Mindmate app help seniors to increase their cognitive skills and enable them to train their ability to memorize different patterns and activities. But also games such as trivia are seen as a fun activity for seniors that keeps their cognitive juices flowing.


Puzzling does not only help seniors to increase their cognitive skills but can also relax and help them use their fine motor skills in putting the puzzle together. Besides that, crossword puzzles can also stimulate brain functions and are a fun way to test their knowledge.

Board Games and socializing with others

Playing board games and socializing with other people is not only fun, but it can help to keep the brain active. Especially strategic games are a good way to train cognitive functions, but also traditional games can be a fun way to engage seniors. Besides, spending time with others and having conversations, telling stories, and listening to others is very beneficial for seniors to stay mentally active as well.

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