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Best Mother's Day Gifts for Moms with Dementia

by Alma Causey

The main idea behind Mother’s Day is the sweet gesture of appreciating your mother’s dedication and love towards you and your family. We have handpicked a list of thoughtful gifts that will surely be a lovely addition to your mother’s belongings not just as a physical product, but a very helpful one as well. With a small box of chocolates and flowers of course. 

Spa Day

There is not a better present in this world, trust me. It really doesn’t matter what the person is going through, a relaxing spa treat will be perfect for any woman. All you have to do is visit a good spa or beauty treatment centre and purchase a voucher for any service, it could include a massage, or a facial, or even both? Put it in a nice envelope with card and viola! Also, if you do not wish to buy a gift certificate or voucher, then you can simply take your mother yourself and foot the bill when she is done. Great opportunity for mother daughter bonding, I would say. 

Customised Music CDs

It would be pretty nostalgic if you can gather some of your mother’s favourite tunes and burn them onto a CD. Music is a great way to relax and stimulate the brain cells. Her favourite music could help her reminiscence and remember all the memories she had while she listened to that music in the past. It can also be a good addition to the music in your while travelling, or she could listen to it whenever she is free and wanting to relax. 

Home Video Compilation

​Everyone has their own personal collection of home movies and videos, even if they are just tiny snippets. The whole idea behind this is to recollect precious memories in one place, so that they are safe and accessible at all times. It can be a good activity or pass time for you and your family to watch together. Reach out to all your close family members and friends, and ask them to send their share of videos from their phones or cameras and you are good to go! 

​If your mother prefers thoughtful crafty gifts then a memory book would be a perfect idea as a Mother’s Day present. You can either get a scrapbook, or a photo album, maybe even a nice diary would do, along with some craft store supplies. The whole idea behind a memory book is to have a sentiment of memory which holds all her dear pictures and other memorable things like tickets, receipts, favorite recipes etc. Combine them all together in one book, with a little decoration to make it more heartwarming and attractive. This could also be used a form of therapy, where after every two or three days, you can sit and discuss a few pictures from the memory book which will allow your mother to immerse in a stimulating conversation and reminiscence her memories with little frustration.

​If you’re feeling generous then massage chairs is a pretty good option to go with. These chairs are specially designed for reducing the stress and fatigue in your muscles, and rejuvenating the mind and body. Generally, massage chairs are used to improve your body’s posture, mobility and flexibility but of course this is not a Dementia specific gift, it can be for anybody. It will help your mother relax for an hour or two, this will keep her body as well as her mind happy, which can have a very positive impact on her health. The only downside to this is that they are quite expensive. There are also a variety of products available in the market that a specifically designed for Dementia patients, they are non complex and less frustrating to use as well. Here are some examples:

By its name you can easily guess that this radio is operated by a single button. This unique innovation is designed in an old fashioned way to offer you an easy way to listen to your music without any tension of retuning or changing the volume. This innovation was the perfect design for elders suffering from dementia or other memory problems like dexterity issues or partial sight, so that they can listen to their favorite station all day long without having any stress on finding the right buttons for controlling it. Easily available here

​Picture phones are a great way for Dementia patients to keep in contact with their friends and family without the hassle of actually remembering or dialing the several digit numbers every time. This customized phone allows you to put in pictures of your loved ones above or alongside the number buttons. Through this system, all the patients has to do is press the picture button of the desired family member, doctor or friend in order to contact. These phones can usually hold up to 9 contact pictures. If you feel that you need to know more information about caring for a dementia patient, visit here.

AUTHOR BIO ABOUT ALMA CAUSEY Alma Causey is a freelancer and blog writer. She writes articles related to technology and medical.  A writer by day and reader by night. Her passion is to help people in all aspect of research industry. Find her on Twitter: @Almacausey ​


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