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Balancing Life and your personal Well-Being

It’s Spring season. Everything is blossoming, people go on retreats, travel and balance hectic work/family weeks with BBQ parties. And this is just the tip of the Iceberg!

What about shopping for new summer clothes, getting children and grandchildren over to their friends & stay ahead of your own life?

This is true for every season: Thanksgiving gets crazy, as you prepare for a big, fantastic meal with friends and family. Christmas gets crazy, as you have to shop for gifts, bake delicious cookies, decorate your house. The list goes on and on.

Read here about some tips how you can stay ahead of your schedule and work in some time for YOU. Taking care of yourself should be a top priority, because only then you can make sure that you can take care of others.

1. Set your bedtime schedule

Sleep is often underrated, unfortunately. Are you on some days more cranky than others and eat more unhealthy food? This could go back to your sleeping habits! Having a good night’s sleep is often all we need! It also helps to set a timer and go to bed at the same time every day. Use the 30 minutes before you want to actually sleep as your time. Lay aside disturbing electronics and cuddle up under your covers. Try to read a book or listen to some relaxing music.

2. Set your goals & write them down

Setting goals and writing them down is sometimes just what it takes to stay motivated. Like this, you can easily track your progress (e.g. last week, you were able to do 10 sit-ups, now even 20) and have a great start into your day, by feeling you accomplished something.

3. Get a fitness partner

Having a friend or family members that wants to get fit with you will motivate you. If you miss your practice, you will feel bad, trust us :) Even if this partner is fitter than you; please remember that every step and every movement counts! Even if you can only squeeze in a 10-minute workout (everyone has time to do this - no excuses!). You can also try to stretch, do some calf raises and some yoga moves.

Everyone should make their own well-being a top priority. This sometimes might even mean to say “no”, to reschedule or have a planner with you all the time to schedule meetings, activities etc. in advance.

MindMate can help you to achieve your health & well-being goals with it’s daily activities plan. Here, you are getting the training for your brain and body which you truly deserve!


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