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Artificial intelligence in dementia research

Over the past years, more companies and researchers are looking into alternative and faster ways to predict conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease and develop new treatments faster. Currently, one company is working on artificial intelligence solutions which may help to achieve exactly that.

Artificial intelligence to determine disturbances in the brain network

A 5-year project by AI-Mind and funded by Horizon 2020 has been launched in March of this year with the goal of facilitating a paradigm shift in clinical practice. The company will create intelligent digital tools that will support the screening of brain connectivity and dementia risk estimation in people that are living with mild dementia.

According to the Cordis by the European Commission, AI-Mind will develop two new artificial intelligence-based digital tools: The first is the AI-MInd Connector, which will identify dysfunctional brain networks. The second one called AI-Mind Predictor will access dementia risk by using collected data from the Connector, genetic biomarkers, and other advanced cognitive tests. Both tools will be integrated into an intelligent diagnostics system to identify potential brain network challenges and dementia risks. Further, it will enable patients to receive individualized reports about their risks and challenges, including intervention recommendations.

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