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A Day in Tommy’s Life - Video Blog Post with Tommy Whitelaw

We wish you all a happy Monday and are excited to be able to provide you with a new video blog post we shot with Tommy Whitelaw. The question we asked him was a very simple one and we actually intended it to be more like a warm up. His answer to it has surprised us. It shows how important it is to be grateful and how wonderful it is to find purpose in something you are doing.

​Find out what gives Tommy sense of purpose every single day:

“A day for me personally as Thomas is trying to keep a promise that I made to my mum.”  “I feel really lucky in each day that I have, that I get to meet incredible people.” “It has always been about people…”

​What promise have you made to yourself? What promise have you made to the people that are close to you? Although we all might have different personal things driving us and motivating us every day, the MindMate team does have one common and central aim. One reason we get out of bed: We want to help people stay independent, overcome loneliness and help them in their everyday life. We want to help families and every positive feedback we get assures us that we are on the right path. ​Thank you, Tommy, and thank you, everyone, who has helped and supported us on our way so far. There is so much more to come! 


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