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7 Simple Ways to Get Fitter Without Even Realising!

Regardless of your starting point, getting in shape, or trying to adopt a healthy lifestyle is not easy. Diets are hard to stick to, joining a gym is expensive, and workout programs are time-consuming. The good news is that there are simple changes all of us can make to our daily lives that are not nearly so drastic or disruptive, and can help us take the first gradual steps to a healthier way of living. The MindMate app gives you a good starting point where to begin, what do to and gives you a customised plan to get fitter. If you just want to have some generic pointers, read seven easy ways to be more active in your daily life:

1) Take the Stairs!

Sure escalators or elevators might be quicker, but climbing stairs is a great way to burn calories and get in a quick workout with minimal effort. Best of all, if you develop the habit of always choosing the stairs you’ll be getting more exercise every day without even noticing!

 2) Drink More Water

An easy way to increase your H2O intake is to carry a flask or water bottle with you wherever you go. Try filling it up every time you make a cup of tea or get up from your desk at work. You’ll soon find that if there’s water in front of you, you’ll drink more of it without even thinking about it!

3) Walk while you talk

Next time you’re on a long phone call for work or speaking to family, try pacing the room while you talk. Once you get used to doing it, this can be an ideal way to stay moving at work or get in some extra steps, you’ll be surprised how much of a workout one conversation can provide!

4) Buy a pedometer

Costing as little as… a pedometer is a much easier investment than a gym membership! Wear one daily as you go about your routine and track your steps each day. This will help focus your mind on keeping moving and give you motivation to beat your ‘step count’ each new day!

5) Do Some Chores

Believe it or not, doing a couple of hours of housework or strenuous gardening is actually great for your fitness! Why not give your garden a makeover or commit to some home renovations or even just a spring clean?

6) Rise and Shine

Set your alarm just 10 minutes earlier and you’ll buy yourself some time to squeeze in a quick workout before the daily grind even begins! Try some sit-ups, star-jumps, stretches or light aerobics and you’ll be fitter and healthier before the day’s even begun!

​7) Walks

Get your whole family involved in the pursuit of health by taking brisk walks after breakfast or dinner. Even if it’s just a quick stroll around the block, 15 minutes of walking every day can make all the difference and help you to keep moving, plus there’s all the benefits of being out in the fresh air! 


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