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7 Facts YOU Need to Know About Brain Fitness

The Brain is an important part of our life, which is why we need to take care of it. Playing Brain Games is a good start, but did you know that there is so much more to do than just that? Physical exercises, nutrition and mindfulness training are just a few other options to keep your brain sharp. Read below 7 facts you need to know about brain fitness. 

1. You’re in Control

Our genes may make us who we are, but the good news is they don’t pre-determine what shape your brain is in. The key to lifelong brain health and development lies in what we do. If our lives are full of physical exercise, and mentally stimulating endeavours like education, meditation and leisure activities, your brainpower and health will increase and develop! On the flip side, what we don’t do matters just as much as our brain’s health can deteriorate through being regularly worked, increasing your risk of disease and cognitive decline.

2. Brain Fitness is backed by Science

The field of cognitive fitness has produced research stretching back decades that links regular ‘brain exercise’ with improved mental sharpness, memory, and general function as well as reduced risk of diseases like Alzheimer’s, and strokes.

3. Medication is Not the only option

Brain training programmes are increasingly used in clinical environments with initially promising results. Often used alongside medication, these programmes are providing an alternative way of improving brain power and fighting disease and other brain problems.

4. Structured Programmes are important

In physical fitness, you would naturally target different areas of your body with specific exercises tailored to working that area. Your brain works exactly the same and so it’s important to structure and very your mental stimulation to ensure that you work the different areas and enhance your cognitive and emotional skills.

5. Games are great

"Computer games rot the brain!". Or so has been claimed for as long as the technology has existed. The evidence, however, suggests quite the opposite. Games that are specifically designed to stimulate brain activity are actually proven to improve and develop cognitive function, memory and recall abilities and mental focus, when used regularly. Brain Fitness really can be fun!

6. Brain Fitness for all Ages

Everyone can benefit and reap the rewards of improving their brain fitness. A focussed routine can benefit people at all stages in life by fighting stress, improving memory and focus, structuring and improving learning abilities and helping the management emotions!

7. Nutrition is Everything

In a recent post, we discussed how what we eat really does impact our brain health and development. Getting enough of all the best vitamins, minerals and nutrients can be tricky, but once a balance is found the brain boosting power is limitless! Why not try the Mediterranean diet. Packed full of fruit, vegetables, fish, it has been found to decrease the risk of cognitive decline when followed and provide all the necessary nutrition for improving brain health and aiding cognitive function.


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