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10 NEW Ways to Eat Avocado!

The humble avocado, noted for its tough green skin, creamy texture and mouth-watering flavour, has experienced a surge in popularity among chefs and foodies in recent years. Not only is it rich in fibre, potassium and ‘good fats’, it is also incredibly versatile. Here we’ve compiled some of the most weird and wonderful ways you can use avocado creatively in your kitchen:

1. Smoothies Avocado makes a great green base for a nutritious fruit smoothie and packs in extra texture and goodness. Just make sure to blend especially well otherwise you’ll end up drinking something more closely resembling guacamole! 2. Soups Avocado is the ideal ingredient for a creamy summer soup. Its flavors are subtle, so be sure to combine it with plenty of fresh herbs and spices, but its texture is second to none. Avocado soup can also be enjoyed both hot and cold. 3. Guacamole Perhaps the world’s favourite dip, ‘guac’ is surprisingly easy to make. Just blend avocado, tomato, onion, cilantro and lime juice for the perfect accompaniment to fajitas, tacos, enchiladas, and pretty much any Mexican dish. 4. Chop into salads A simple suggestion that could make a big difference. Avocado’s unique properties mean it adds a unique texture that enhances the plainest of salads and brings some Mediterranean flair to your meal. 5. Grill it Slice your avocado into halves, sprinkle with a pinch of salt, fresh black pepper and other seasonings of your choice, and grill for just five minutes. Voila, in minutes you have a mouthwatering side to any meal you happen to be cooking up. 6. Smash onto Toast Is there a simpler, more delicious breakfast known to man!? If you haven’t discovered the joy of avocados on toast yet, you’re missing out. Mash your avocados in a bowl, mix in some lime or lemon juice if desired, and spread over toast. For extra protein you can also top it off with a soft poached egg. 7. Baked Eggs When you halve an avocado and remove the seed, it leaves a hole that is just perfect for cracking an egg into (after a bit more hollowing out). Just add the egg then bake in the oven until the egg is cooked through, plate up and enjoy. For a perfect blend of protein, fibre and iron that will keep you full till dinnertime, be sure to give this a try on your next lunch break! 8. Avocado fries What’s crunchy and golden on the outside and soft and buttery on the inside? It’s the contrasting textures that make avocado fries the perfect snack or side. Simply coat slices of avocado in whisked egg, flour, salt and pepper, then dip in bread crumbs and bake on a tray until crispy and brown on the outside. There you have it – a healthier, quirkier take on French fries that will impress both family and guests! 9. Bake into Brownies Yes, that’s right! It might sound strange, but avocado and chocolate is a combination that’s becoming increasingly accepted by foodies worldwide. The beauty is that avocado replaces the butter and oil usually required in recipes like this, meaning that you can enjoy your favourite sweet treats with a lot less guilt! 10. Moisturizing Face Mask Ok, this one’s not a food-related tip, but as we mentioned before – avocado is an incredibly versatile fruit. Its skin-cleansing properties are renowned and making yourself a DIY avo’ face mask is a much cheaper alternative to store-bought products. Just mix with some honey, oatmeal, and a little lemon juice, then use as you would any other face mask.


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