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Eat These, Live Longer: The Superfoods That Can Lengthen Life


1.Broccoli & Green Veggies It might seem obvious, but many people still choose to ignore the evidence. Science has shown time and again that a diet based on vegetables and fruit gives you the best chance of a long and healthy life. The best and most nutritious options to include in your diet are broccoli and other green veggies. Broccoli is said to be the most effective vegetable for preventing cancer, as it supports the genes within the body that fight the illness and turns off those that cause it. Green veggies are also full of fiber, b-vitamins and countless other essential healthy ageing nutrients.

​2.Berries As well as being juicy and delicious, all berries are bursting with anti-oxidants which boost your immune system and help your body fight off potential life-threatening illnesses. They’re also claimed to be great for your brain health too, with suggestions, backed by science, that regularly eating berries contributes to slowing or preventing cognitive decline.

3.Garlic As well as being famous as a vampire-deterrent, garlic has been acknowledged for its medicinal uses for decades. This is for good reason, as garlic is notable for its antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties which help the body fight against all three causes of infection. But that’s not all, garlic can also strengthen your body’s defenses against five of the most common types of cancer: breast, prostate, ovarian, colon and esophageal.

4.Olive oil Not all fat is bad for you, and olive oil is the good kind. It’s a form of monosaturated fat that keeps your heart healthy and could also work to prevent certain cancers. It’s also a versatile and delicious staple of any kitchen! 5.Avocado Heart disease is the biggest killer in people over the age of 50, and so preventing it is a key to longevity. Avocado may be one of the best foods to do his because it’s great for reducing bad cholesterol and preventing it from building up. This also allows your body to absorb key heart-healthy nutrients and vitamins more easily.

6.Fish Fish is perhaps the best source of Omega-3’s there is, and Salmon is the pick of the bunch. Omega-3’s are fatty acids which work to prevent the buildup of fat in your arteries, protecting your heart. They’ve also been found to reduce blood pressure. Of course omega-3’s are also great for the brain, fish oil tablets have long been taken to improve mental focus, and there is growing evidence that they can also help fight off the onset of age-related conditions like dementia and Alzheimer’s.

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