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Starting a healthy behaviour in middle age can fight disease


Ok. Let’s say you’re over 40 and you probably think: why should I change something in my life - it has no impact anyway. Wrong! Specifically adopting a healthier lifestyle will always have an impact, regardless if you start with 20, 40, 60 or even 80!

Researchers found out that the key to a healthier life is composed out of 4 parts: Little to no alcohol consumption No smoking Eating fruits and vegetables Exercise

The above does sound like a no-brainer, but still, the majority of people find it difficult to follow, despite the fact that this is increasing the chances of aging gracefully by light years! Academics define “graceful aging” as follows: the ability to function well without developing chronic disease (such as diabetes, stroke, heart disease or cancer), having good mobility, health, lung function and mental skills.

A study conducted by UCL (University College London) found that, if all of the above parts are considered during midlife, aging gracefully and successfully is much more likely. As a result, the better lifestyle choices you take, the greater the benefit.

Apart from that, staying active in your community and fighting loneliness becomes more and more important as you age. Why don’t you join a choir, help out during an event or even start your own community project? All this isn’t rocket science. You will definitely see the benefits of living a healthier lifestyle, specifically as you age.

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