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Is what you eat really healthy?


Many foods are marked as healthy, by marketers, by your friends or just because they really appear to be healthy. Don’t be fooled by the food industry and always check the labels. Read here about 7 foods that are unhealthy foods in disguise:

1. Flavoured Oatmeal: Oats are incredibly nutritious, are rich in antioxidants and can lower cholesterol levels. But, buying ready-made flavoured oatmeals isn’t the healthiest of all choices. They are usually filled with sugar, sodium and often also artificial flavours. You should never opt for products that contain added sugar. This is important especially for your breakfast! If you want to sweeten up your oatmeal, try to add greek yogurt with fruits.

2. Health Drinks: Go to the supermarket you always go, I bet that there is an aisle full of “healthy” drinks that promise you to lose weight, get your vitamin intake, get your fibre intake… the list goes on and on. Fact is, if they have more than 2 ingredients (which most of them have) you are consuming empty calories. On top, you will also consume artificial sweeteners, if the drinks are labelled “sugar free”. If you opt for water, you are certainly on the safer side. And, if this is too boring for you, why not infuse your water with actual fruit?

3. Salad Dressings: You think that eating healthy means reaching for salad? True! But be aware of the dressing! Unfortunately, most dressings are filled with fats, vegetable oils, sugar and artificial chemicals. The best option is to make your own dressing: opt for lemon juice, mixed with oil or balsamic vinegar. Or, try to mix orange juice with wine vinegar and olive oil!

4. Smoothies: Smoothies which you did not do by yourself are usually loaded with sugar. You think they might be good for you, but in fact they can be over 600 calories per serving! So, MindMate’s tip is to make your own smoothies at home. Like this, you can determine what will go into the smoothie and what does not.

5. Dried Fruit: Right, Fruits are good for you. So, dried fruits can’t be that bad, right? WRONG! Dried fruit is often loaded with sugar. So, make sure that you only buy natural dried fruit without any added sugar!. 6. Frozen Yoghurt: Summer time - Ice Cream Time! It’s a pity that you’re currently on a diet. Ice Cream has loads of added sugar, so, frozen yoghurt seems to be the healthy alternative. But not so quick. The Yoghurt per se can have loads of added sugar (actually similar to the amount which you can find in Ice Cream). And, if you add to your frozen yoghurt your favourite topping, like chocolate sprinkles, cookies etc., it can have even more calories than the good old ice cream. 7. Nut Butters: Similar to health drinks, make sure you only buy nut butters with a maximum of 2 ingredients: nuts and maybe some salt for taste. Unfortunately, nut butters from the supermarket contain lots of artificial flavours and added sugars.

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