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How to use Greek Yogurt


Greek-style is the king of yogurt when it comes to healthy cooking. It’s versatile, it’s higher in protein than other yogurt, and it can be virtually fat (and guilt) free depending on the variety you buy! Here’s some quick tips to help you use it right when making meals and snacks.

1. Salads Instead of padding out egg or potato salads with calorie-intense mayo, opt for greek yogurt, a like-for-like alternative that will keep your salads guilt-free! 2. Dips Add a pinch of salt to your yogurt for a rich substitute for sour cream. Alternatively, why not mix with chopped cucumbers, dill and a pinch of salt for a fabulous and healthy Greek-style ‘tzatziki’. In the mood for a sweet treat? No problem, just combine your Greek yogurt with chocolate syrup for an easy fruit dip, hmmm!

3. Sauces Make creamy pasta sauces, without the fat and calories. Just substitute cream with greek yogurt and use as the recipe dictates. Dinner just got healthier! 4. Soups Another situation where fatty cream is really not necessary. Not only is Greek yogurt just as good for thickening your favourite soups, it will boost the protein content of your meal too!

5. Salad Dressing Shop bought dressing is often a sneaky source of excess fat and calories, so make your own by adding a splash of milk and spices of your choice to your yogurt. 6. Mouth-watering Marinades Mix Greek yogurt with a little salt, lemon pepper flakes and spices and marinade your chicken or lamb before cooking to make your meal extra special!

7. Liven up a fruit salad If you find fruit bland or uninteresting to eat, why not mix it up by adding Greek yogurt to a bowl of berries or seasonal fruits. A perfect healthy dessert or breakfast. 8. Healthy Desserts Make a sweet and creamy mousse by combining your yogurt with berries, raisins, cinnamon and a light jam.

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