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Attention! There are Hidden Sugars in your Diet!


Often we think that we are eating a healthy diet without even knowing that we actually take in loads of sugar. Don’t be fooled anymore and read here how you can improve your diet and detect sugar bombs.

1) Pasta Sauce: Next time you pick up the delicious Tomato Pasta Sagu, have a closer look at the ingredients list. I bet that you will be surprised about how much sugar you’re taking in with your Spaghetti. Despite the fact that these sauces contain also loads of good ingredients, like vegetables, it is very common to add sugar to combat the acidity of the tomatoes.

2) Tomato Ketchup: Similar to Tomato Sauce, Ketchup contains loads of sugar. It is not seldom that in 100g ketchup, there are 22g of sugar, which would be already more than 30% of your recommended daily sugar intake!

Fruit flavoured yogurt: Despite thinking that you feed yourself with healthy yogurt, specifically fruit flavoured ones are usually packed with sugar! Many of the brands add huge amounts of sugars and sweeteners to create their fruity flavours. We recommend you buy plain yogurt add your own fresh fruits for a better taste.

Pre-packed or tinned fruit: Often fruit that is already pre-packed or tinned contains additional sugar. Be specifically beware of the fruit juice: brand add sugar here to prolong shelf life, partly negating some of the excellent and beneficial natural sugars fruit contains.

Cereal & Granola Bars: They can be a great source of oats and grains but the benefits are often outweighed by the large amounts of sugar used. Have a look at the nutrients list of your bar. But obviously, these bars are a healthier choice than a chocolate bar. 6) “Fat Free” Foods: Yes - there is a hook to “fat free” products. Fat is carrying flavour, and if you don’t have this ,you need to power up on sugar to make the meals and snacks taste good. So, the full fat alternative might not be as bad as it sounds.

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