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How to find healthier Fast Food options


We get it, Fast Food is convenient, Fast Food is delicious and it makes you happy. If you usually follow a healthy diet, one slice of pizza or a burger with fries once in a while is not the end of the world. Nevertheless, if Fast Food is your regular food you should reconsider your diet. Why? Because Fast Food usually contains high fat and is also high in sugar. In addition, it can't provide you with the same nutritional value as a home-cooked meal. But, good news: you can often find healthier options hidden among the menu!

Burgers: Just think of that one burger with fries you recently had - delicious! Unfortunately, this is not a winning combo when it comes to your health. But don't worry, here are some tips how you can enjoy your burger with a little less guilt: 1) Choose whole grain buns over white bread - this gives you more fibre. 2) Look for grilled meat options, veggie patties and pass on burger with "double" or "triple" in the name. 3) Don't use bacon or processed cheese on your burger, instead load up on fresh vegetables, such as avocado, tomato and lettuce. 4) Leave out the sauce(s) - like this you can save that extra sugar and salt.

Pizza: Hello cheese crust - bye bye waist line! Read here how you can make Pizza better for your health (and your waist line): 1) Avoid Pizza with processed meat or cheese. 2) Avoid thick Pizza bases and go with a thin crust. And avoid the cheese stuffed crusts at all costs! 2) Try to eat Pizza with lots of vegetables and unprocessed meat (such as steak or chicken breast). 3) Find a Pizza Place that make their bases from scratch and use fresh ingredients.

Mexican: Usually, Mexican is not the unhealthiest option of the fast food range. Mexican food provides us with fibre and protein. But attention: the serving sizes are often enormous, which makes it unhealthy again (remember:) portions matter). Better go with a smaller serving. Here are more tips: 1) Take a soft tortilla, which is usually lower in fat, over a taco shell. 2) Skip the sour cream completely and add guacamole and/or salsa instead. 3) Take a bowl and fill it up with salad ingredients, beans or protein. Like this, you get a meal full of nutrients.

Sushi: Sushi is connected to a healthier takeaway choice anyway. Nevertheless, keep these tips in mind next time you go to your favourite Sushi Place: 1) Stay away from deep-fried stuff, like fried or crunchy fillings or tempura. 2) Stay away from meals that are topped with mayo. 3) Use Edamame as a side dish or starter, as it gives you a good dose of protein and fibre. ​4) Choose Sushi rolls with fresher ingredients, such as avocado, cucumber, salmon, tuna or chicken.

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