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Health Benefits of Lemon Water: 5 reasons you should add a slice of citrus to your drink


1. Promotes Hydration We all know drinking water is super important to your body. In fact, you should be drinking around 1.9 liters of it every day! However, getting enough H2O in your diet can be difficult. People often find water bland, or even unpalatable when drunk straight from the tap. Adding lemon to your water makes your drinks tastier and more refreshing, and so you will naturally want to drink more. Making this one simple change could have huge benefits for your overall health.

2. Helps Digestion Lemons are great for your digestive health! Adding lemon juice to your water regularly is a great way to get more of these benefits. The acid in lemon juice helps your body to process all the nutrients from food you eat more slowly. This means that your body is able to squeeze more goodness out of foods. If your body is absorbing nutrients more effectively, you’ll also be less prone to bloating. Your body will also be able to flush out toxins more easily, meaning lemon water acts like a detox for your digestive system!

3. An alternative to Caffeinated Drinks Regular cups of tea or coffee are daily, maybe even hourly essentials for many of us, especially during the working week. But, if you were to swap your favorite hot beverage for warm water infused with lemon juice, you’d notice a range of health benefits. More sleep, better quality sleep, less headaches, and healthier skin are just some of the many effects of decreasing, or cutting entirely, your caffeine intake.

4. A Vitamin Boost Lemons are packed full of Vitamin C, which makes them the perfect healthy ingredient for combining with water. Vitamin C is used by the body for lots of essential functions. It provides a boost to your immune system, which helps your body to fight illness, it can improve digestion, and it’s fantastic for your skin. Vitamin C is needed by your body for production of collagen which creates smooth healthy and clear skin. Vitamin C is also great for your brain health, and it has been linked with reducing stress.

5. It supports Weight Loss Lemons are rich in antioxidants, and these have been linked to ‘significantly reduce weight gain’, in some cases. Infusing your water with lemon juice also encourages hydration, and as a plus: when we drink more water we are likely to eat less. This is because we often mistake thirst for hunger. Obviously, you still need to follow a balanced diet, but drinking lemon water is a great booster to support any weight-loss plan!

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