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How to Eat Healthy Without Cooking Every Night


If you lead a busy and active lifestyle, cooking a nutritious meal every night is probably at best an inconvenience, and often simply an impossible task. Or perhaps you are not physically able to meet the demands of cooking for yourself daily. Whatever your situation, cooking up hearty meals every night is something that just isn’t achievable for most of us. But don’t resign yourself to takeaways, microwave-meals or easy junk food snacks just yet, there’s plenty of ways you can enjoy nutritious, healthy meals every night without having to spend hours in the kitchen. Here’s a few ideas to give you some inspiration:

Buy Pre-Prepared Food Grocery stores have noticed and embraced the trend towards faster and more convenient food, and most larger stores now offer an array of hot and cold, pre-prepared, food options. Salad bars are a great example of this, where you can create your own fresh, nutritious salads and dishes and pack them into a box to take away for a meal that’s minimal effort and maximum nutrition.

Team Up with Friends If you have friends or neighbors that are in a similar situation or lead a similar lifestyle, then why not partner up to share the burden of cooking? You can take it in turns to cook for one another, alternating days. Not only does this spare all of you from cooking every single night, but you can split costs and benefit from bulk buying. Forming a ‘cooking club’ is also a brilliant way to build and maintain friendships and get to know the people in your social circles. You’ll have great fun swapping recipes and trying out new things!

Prepare in Advance Perhaps the best way to ensure you don’t need to cook during the week is to do everything at the weekend, when you have more spare time. The idea is to prepare one or two meals in bulk amounts and then refrigerate or freeze the food in separate, portion-sized, amounts so that it can be easily reheated at mealtimes. ‘Meal prepping’ has become a phenomenon among fitness enthusiasts in recent times, and for many reasons: Buying in bulk for one of two dishes saves you money, you’re less likely to buy junk food or takeaways if you have a pre-prepared meal waiting at home, you save time and, most importantly, you’ll eat more healthily!

Get Everything Delivered Perhaps not the cheapest option, but having your meals delivered is certainly convenient. Smartphone apps such as ‘UberEats’ allow you to have food from a vast selection of local restaurants delivered straight to your doorstep, at the touch of a button. Apps like this also categorize their restaurants, so it’s easy to make informed and health conscious choices.

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