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10 Great Books to reach with Your Grandchildren


​Reading is a vital part of any child’s development and one of the most important things a caregiver can do is sit down and open a book with their child. Reading not only helps kids to learn and develop their vocabulary, it also allows them to build an understanding of the world around them and learn to empathise with others. While obviously a child’s parents are most likely to be the ones to read with them, it’s also important and beneficial for you, in your role as a Grandparent. Spending some of your time together reading with your Grandchild not only ensures you take an active role in their learning and development, but it also builds a closer bond between the two of you that will last a lifetime. Here’s 10 of our favourite kids books that you’ll love reading with your Grandchildren:

1. We’re Going on a Bear Hunt! Michael Rosen Share an adventure with your GrandKids as you go on a bear hunt together in this award-winning book. The book is ideal to read aloud, reading almost like a chant and you’ll soon have them repeating along with you as you spash through rivers and squelch through mud in your search for the elusive bear! 2. Don’t let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! Mo Willems A quirky title and an unusual title character immediately make this book an engaging choice for bedtime reading, and the beautiful illustrations only further reinforce this once you open it up. The story is told entirely through speech bubbles as that tricky pigeon tries every trick in the book, and this will definitely encourage both you and your Grandchild to participate in the ‘dialogue’ as you read on.

3. The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Eric Carle A true classic of children’s literature and still as popular as ever, this is a book you absolutely must share with your next generation. With colourful illustrations, ‘bitten’ pages to keep you entertained, you and your Grandchildren will be gripped to the storyline as everyone’s favourite caterpillar eats his way through the pages. A copy of this book is sold every 30 seconds across the world, and you’ll soon see why! 4. Room on the Broom, Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler The latest hit story from Julia Donaldson (author of the Gruffalo), Room on the Broom is a charming read. Featuring a kindly witch who gives various animals a ride on her broom in return for finding the items she is constantly losing, this is a great book to help your Grandchild expand their vocabulary. With so many characters, there’s also endless potential for you both to practice your funny voices!

5. The Twits, Roald Dahl Any Roald Dahl title could make this list, the much loved children’s author wrote 20 books for children and they have all stood the test of time, being enjoyed by generation after generation. However, because of the absurd but incredible descriptive writing, ‘The Twits’ is the one that you should reach for first. This book is guaranteed to set your Grandchildren’s imagination running wild as they take in the gruesome characters and their misadventures. ​ 6. Here Comes Grandma! J. Lord Now this a book which you’ll be able to relate to! The Grandma in this book, along with her dog, will do anything to see her Grandchildren and yours will love following her journey by land air and sea!

7. Old Bear, Jane Hissey The Old Bear series follows the tales of a group of playroom toys who rescue their old friend from storage in the attic and are then led by the titular bear on a series of fun and exciting adventures. With themes of changing seasons, youth and age, your Grandchildren are sure to learn something valuable from reading along with you! The gorgeous illustrations only make it an even more engaging read for all ages. 8. Shh! We Have a Plan, Chris Haughton Another award-winning book, Chris Haughton’s ‘Shh! We Have A Plan’ is a great book to read with younger children. The repetitive text is easily accessible for all reading abilities, and the illustrations are comical and brilliant. Will the four friends succeed in their quest to capture the colourful bird? Will the listen to the smallest as he tries a different tactic? Will the bird remain elusive? Pick up the book, sit down with your Grandchildren and find out together!

9. Where The Wild Things Are, Maurice Sendak Published in 1963, this book is still a much-loved classic and a book that is just as enjoyable for today’s youngsters as it ever has been. Follow the adventure of Max as he finds himself suddenly transported to a world full of scary beasts. Enjoy the fascinating journey, together with your Grandchildren, as you follow Max’s rise to king of the wild things! They atmospheric illustrations and imaginative storyline makes reading this book an enthralling experience for old and young alike. 10. The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, CS Lewis Perhaps more suited to older Grandchildren, this famous CS Lewis fantasy novel is sure to prove a fascinating read as their head is filled with the wonders, characters and tales of the land of Narnia. The story teaches lessons of loyalty, friendship, honesty and courage as well as exciting readers with its climactic battle scenes and thrilling ending.

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