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The Ayurvedic Diet


Originating in ancient India, Ayurveda is a system that claims to offer one of the fastest paths to a healthy lifestyle. It is a diet meant for transforming your physical, mental and emotional health. The system is based on the idea of different body types: Everyone’s body is different, so it makes sense that your diet should be slightly different to someone with a completely different body type, right? In Indian, the body types are called ‘doshas’. The three ayurvedic body types, or doshas, are Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Each dosha is unique, but most people’s body types are a combination of two. Below is a helpful guide to the three Ayurvedic body types (doshas), so you can see which one fits you and how you can use Ayurvedic diets to build a healthier lifestyle.

Body type 1: Vata The Vata body type is the most slender of all the doshas. If you have a more bony structure and are more skinny or find it hard to gain significant weight, then you are probably a Vata. Because of their body type, people of the Vata body type tend to feel cold easily. Your Vata type means you are more likely to contract colds in winter time and you may get tired more easily and suffer from poor digestion. Because of this, the recommended diet for Vata individuals involves eating more dry/crunchy foods, lots of warm and hearty soups, nuts and cooked vegetables. Dairy products such as milk and butter are especially important for Vata body types.

Body type 2: Pitta The ‘Pitta’ body type describes individuals who are typically of medium build. They have a toned, more muscular figure, meaning they are more likely to always feel warmer and have higher energy levels. They have good digestion, so they can eat almost anything. But they may be more exposed to inflammatory conditions like headaches and become overstressed more easily. It is recommended that Pitta types should eat lots of juicy fruits like mangos, oranges and watermelons. They should also eat lots of vegetables that are rich in water-content, such as kale, spinach and other green veggies. Pitta types should avoid foods with volatile effects such as caffeine, alcohol, and spicy foods.

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