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7 Signs to Spot Dementia Early


When you age, it is relatively normal that you tend to become forgetful from time to time. Nevertheless, in some cases this isn’t just age, but it can be early signs of dementia. There are several signs that you or somebody you know might develop this condition. According to the NHS (UK’s National Health Service), there are 7 ways how you might be able to spot dementia early:

1) Changes in mood, behaviour and personality Visible changes to a loved one’s mood and personality can be a common sign of the condition. They may be exhibiting rapid and unprovoked mood swings, with depression being a typical sign of early dementia 2) Apathy An early sign of dementia might also be to withdraw from or lose interest in work, social activities, or their once-loved hobbies.

3) Memory loss Probably the most common sign of dementia is memory loss, which then begins to disrupt daily life. People specifically are forgetting recently learnt information, messages, or are even struggling to remember routes or names. 4) Confusion and disorientation with time and place A failing sense of direction, spatial orientation and the resulting confusion are common signs of the onset of dementia. This can include losing track of the passage of time or forgetting important dates and events. In addition, those living with dementia are forgetting where they are, regardless of how familiar their location may be. They may also struggle to recall how they got there and how they can return. Disorientation can make it harder to follow a series of directions or instructions.

5) Problems with communication Day-to-day conversations, which are usually very simple, can become a struggle for those experiencing early signs of dementia. Difficulties with words, expression and explanation, are not seldom, and they may find it hard to join or follow conversation. 6) Loss of Judgement Loss of judgement can be a sign and a symptom of dementia. A loved one may be showing signs of making inappropriate decisions, as a result of being unable to evaluate and consider their actions and the consequences as before.

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