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5 Workout Mistakes You Are Doing


1)You Skip the Cool Down Cooling Down is an essential part of your workout routine, which you should never skip. This is important as your heart rate needs to go back to its normal rate gradually. You can never go wrong with a slight jog, or fast walk (both in place, in motion or on the treadmill are fine). 2) You don’t keep track of your progress It is good if you push yourself during each workout. You can easily track your progress by either timing yourself (are you faster this time, or can you hold that plank longer?), or counting the amount of reps you can do (you can do now 10 Squats, instead of just 5). 3) You are not drinking enough water During your workout, you will sweat - this is totally normal as your body is trying to cool down. Nevertheless, during this process you are losing a lot of nutrients and vitamins, which is why rehydrating is very important after a workout, as it maintains your body’s temperature and is lubricating your joints. Instead of water, you can also drink a sports drink after your workout. But, be aware of sugary drinks (also some sport drinks contain a fair amount of sugar!) - they can put the calories you just burned back on.

4) You forget to stretch Aching muscles and cramps are awful reminders of our workouts. The best way to prevent them, is by warming up and cooling down with a stretch routine. Make sure that your listen to your body while doing this, so that you do not overstretch and pull a muscle! 5) You neglect to eat It is very important that you fill your body after your workout with rich nutrients, as it will give you the right amount of energy. If you don’t eat enough, your body might eat away muscle tissue. Also, make sure you eat the right amount of vegetables, fruit and good carbs (whole grains) and try to stay away from unhealthy fatty foods.

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