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You’re changing that name, right?

When DementCare was created, almost 6 months ago, the name was chosen out of the moment and under time pressure. It made sense to combine the words “Dementia” and “Care” and immediately signalise what it was about. We also though it sounded good and together with the logo it just made sense for our baby, our project, to be called like that. Why should the app not be called like that as well?

When we started getting feedback for our app we quickly realized that we might not have chosen the ideal name. Especially people, who are affected by dementia, work with or care for someone with dementia didn’t like the name!

Those are only a few of many comments we got. No doubt, it seemed like a scary leap to rebrand but we knew that we would have to take the step at some point. We felt that urge of wanting to make the change for a while but it wasn’t before we found out that we HAD TO.We realised that the reasons against it were no longer enough to hold us back. We needed to decide on a proper name for the app, because we had to give our details for speaking at conferences and giving interviews and we realised that we probably should have taken the step earlier.

The research of new domain names began and we started to speak with people about it. We interviewed pedestrians, sent out questionnaires and had focus groups. It felt like such a big and important decision. 

We were honestly a little stressed until we found the perfect name. It happened more randomly, like is often the case, but we all knew that this would be it. After the feedback from the focus groups and interviews matched our choice, we knew we were ready to make the switch. DementCare became something new. 

MindMate is more us. MindMate is more what our app will do. 

The MindMate App will help people affected by dementia to be independent and to improve their self-organisation skills. It’s like a friend that helps you to train your brain and provides you with tools like reminders. A friend that gives you advice about nutrition and exercises and that provides you with information about dementia. A friend that wants to give you peace of mind, because you have all you need in one application.

There is one big fear we still had and have: How will our followers and people who are interested in the app react?

We know that many of you love the new name and we hope that all of you will support the change! Help us spread the word and help us to finally make MindMate a reality. We’re almost there!

Thank you!

Your MindMate-Team (Sound nice, huh? :-))


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