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How Does Aging Impact Your Brain

Whether we like it or not, as each day goes by, we are aging bit by bit. Day by day, these changes are not noticeable, but after a few years, you begin to notice the difference. As we enter the later years in life, there is no doubt that our body will change, from the appearance of our skin, to muscle movement, and mental capabilities. But how does aging impact the brain?

There is a common misconception that dementia is a part of natural aging, however this is not true. Yes, aging does decrease cognitive ability to some extent, but severe memory loss, and the inability to independently carry out tasks is not a normal part of aging. 

As you get older, certain areas of the brain will shrink, which can lead to difficulties with complex mental tasks. Other areas of the brain will experience less communication between neurons, and blood flow to the brain can also decrease. Due to these changes, it is normal to experience difficulty in learning new information and committing it to memory. You may also notice more difficulty in remembering names and your ability to multitask.

Now, many may be wondering how and why these changes occur. This is where the researchers come in. The brain is one of the most complex organs in our body, and scientists are still trying to understand many different processes of the brain, including aging. A lot of research has been done into the field, but much more still has to be done to fully understand how the brain ages.

Through their research on mice, scientists from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in NY have found the stem cells in hypothalamus likely have a huge role in how quickly the brain ages. Dr. Dongsheng Cai, Ph.D., professor of molecular pharmacology from Einstein says, “Our research shows that the number of hypothalamic neural stem cells naturally declines over the life of the animal, and this decline accelerates aging,” This discovery can better help researchers understand the impact of aging on the brain, and possibly help to find a way to reverse the effect of aging. 

How can the MindMate app help your brain?

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