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Going international – Video Blog Post with Tommy Whitelaw

As you know, we are huge fans of Tommy and his talks. During our last blog interview sessions, we have asked Tommy if he was planning to go international with his tour. His answer once again showed us, what makes “Tommy on Tour”, the Dementia Carer Voices and the ALLIANCE special. Watch it here:

"We have never contacted people to go and do these talks." "People have been in touch with us." "We would be happy to take the speeches wherever people think it’s the appropriate place to invite us. "

​We are not surprised that people approach Tommy and want to hear his talk. We have been to many talks with him so far and there is always at least a handful of listeners who needed to hear it badly. The way in which Tommy celebrates his Mum and caregivers is truly unique and we would recommend everyone to come and listen to one. We guarantee that you will feel appreciated as a caregiver or simply as a kind person. You will be inspired to make a difference every day. Find out more on Tommy’s Blog! Also, make sure to follow Tommy, the Dementia Carer Voices and the ALLIANCE on Twitter!


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