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10 Signs Your Fitness Level is Improving


We know the pain. Starting a fitness routine is the worst. After the first few weeks of pushing yourself, you are wondering, if working out actually makes a difference. It might not be visible to you, but you are making progress! Please don’t be one of these people that give up, because they don’t see the transformation in their mirrors right away. In fact, the most positive changes of working out can’t be seen in the mirror :) ​Here are 10 clues to watch out for:

1) You are more energetic Your body will function at a higher level, when your fitness level improves. This is because your body is able to provide more energy to your cells. 2) You sleep better at night Research has shown that exercise and sleep go hand in hand. As a result, if you’re working out, you’re more likely to get a good night’s rest afterwards. Also, did you know that some studies even suggest that sleep can boost your immune system and even curb weight gain? 3) Your family and friends have noticed changes It is always a great sign if people in your environment start complimenting you. These compliments don’t need to include that you lost weight. Often, a natural glow, an improvement in your posture or noticing that you have more energy are showing your progress. 4) You focus on quality, not quantity Good news: you can ditch these two-hour at the gym sweat sessions for a quicker routine. HIIT - High Intensity Interval Training is the keyword you’re looking for. A good exercise is about what type of exercise you do, not about how long you exercise. 5) Your balance is better As you exercise more often, your joints and muscles will naturally function better, which can also lead to improved balance. You might notice that you can balance longer on one foot! This might be a small step, but it is very important specifically as you get older. 6) You feel mentally alert Research suggest that working out regularly can have a huge impact on your brain health and brain fitness as well. You might notice an improvement in your organisation and problem-solving skills - this is a great way to see the progress you’re making with your workout. 7) You crave healthier food For many people, a side effect of workout out regularly is that they can resist sugary treats. This behaviour is partly because you want to fuel your body with healthier foods, but might also be happening due to specific hormones that contribute to cravings. 8) You are pushing yourself If your heart rate is up, and you feel the sweat you are probably doing something right. Pushing your body to its limits often leads to healthy improvements. The more challenging the workout is for you, the more disruption is happening in your body. This is good, because it takes longer and more energy to recover. 9) Your clothes fit differently After a few weeks of working out, you might notice that some trousers and shirts fit more loose. This is probably the most obvious way to see, if a workout really works. 10) You look forward to working out This is not a surprise, as workouts provide the body with endorphins that can get very addictive. You will have a good feeling after a workout, which you want to have over and over again :) What are you waiting for? Go to the MindMate “Be Active” section and start your workout routine today!

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